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What It Is To Be Sick

Alright, so I'm going to be real honest here and tell you that as a nurse my definition of sick and yours is probably not the same.

As a nurse, I was taught the Sick/Not Sick scale. As an ER nurse, that scale changed, but only slightly.

Let me tell you what the sick/not sick scale is...I'm going to give you an inside look into my world but shh... it's a secret, or so the global society wants you to believe.

Let me show you some examples of Not Sick first,

1. Someone who is in their 30's or 40's comes into the ER with a HR in the 110's and all the rest of their vitals are normal. Not Sick. Even if the patient says, "But I'm usually only at 70." Yeah, no, Not Sick.

2. They tell me they are in the worst pain of their lives and yet they walk in under their own power, they are on their phone and they have normal vital signs. Not Sick.

3. (This one is one of my favorites), I do my 'Across the room assessment' (this is where I walk out and in three seconds look you up and down and I assess airway, breathing, circulation, environment, and mental - yes I can assess all of this from across the room and without asking a single question), and I see that you're Not Sick.

No the last one may be throwing you for a loop. That's okay. But let me fill you in on a secret. I'm an intuitive, most medical providers are, some are better than others, and on top of that, we are extensively trained not just in school but throughout our careers to sense when someone is sick, truly sick.

Now I want to be clear, we aren't perfect, no one is but I also now that I have walked into a waiting room, looked at a person and known that they are having a heart attack more times than I care to count. Same with strokes, infections, broken bones, and lethal heart rhythms. Because I know this scale, I have saved lives. It is something I am extremely proud of.

Now what about Sick...

1. A woman bleeding through her pants into a wheel chair, 1 week after giving birth, Sick.

2. A man massively sweating, holding his chest and vomiting, Sick.

3. A child, unable to cry, hasn't eaten or drunk anything in over 12 hours and can't pee, Sick.

4. An 80 year old woman who has a blood pressure of 170's systolic and a massive headache that came on suddenly and she's never experienced anything like it before, Sick.

This scale, Sick/Not Sick, saves lives and it makes sure that resources are used appropriately but it also pisses off a lot of people; specifically the people who fall in the gray area of the in between. When you fall in this space, you as the patient can feel dismissed and not listened to because while you feel like crap, the providers are saying that there is nothing that can be done. Well I'm here to tell you,


If you feel like something is wrong, you are right, you just may not be correct on what it is that is wrong. Working as an intuitive I have seen that while the Sick/Not Sick scale is effective, it does have its limitations. The definition of sick simply is the state of not being whole. But there are many ways to not be whole, many energetic ways of not being whole. This is where my abilities really stand out. Not only can I hear what the doctors and nurses have done for you and successfully interpret for you why they made you feel shitty, but I can also perform healings for and with you that they can't.

My ability to heal far exceeds theirs for I am not limited to only the body. I can see where the energetic light body is sick with stuck energy, attached toxic entities, energetic blocks, and unintegrated soul lessons that are manifesting physically. I can also teach you how to see these things for yourself.

So, what are some things to know about being sick? Well,

If your physical body is sick,

  1. Your vitals (heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation) are going to be too high or too low.

  2. You will be in pain more than likely.

  3. You will have a knowing that something is wrong (don't ignore that instinct if it's not coming from your ego but something higher, something deeper).

If your energetic body is sick,

  1. You have seen the doctor and they continuously say you are fine.

  2. You have dealt with it for many years but specialist say it is nothing.

  3. You have dreams that you can't explain but the problem area is always involved.

  4. You have a knowing that something isn't right.

If you are experiencing this then you are very likely sick. Seeing your doctor should always be a first step. If something is life threatening, the faster it is caught the better. But if the system fails you, remember that you don't need to just accept that you are crazy and that you need to stay feeling terrible forever. There are other options, such as homeopaths, naturopaths, and medical intuitives (like me) that can take a look and find other things to try that your western trained medical doctor may not know about, understand, or care to tell you about.

Lastly, don't give up. We are never given more than what we can handle and I firmly believe that if we are dealing with it, it is for a reason. So take a breath, think about what your goal is and take the next step to get there.

All my love and healing.

And so it is.


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