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Mind Over Matter

Becoming Your Own Healer

Breath of Life is all about healing and I live by the idea that while I can help to heal you, the biggest help I can give you is to teach you how to do it yourself. I am a registered nurse and I hold a bachelor’s in both nursing and neuroscience and now a full-time intuitive I am uniquely placed to provide you with ALL the knowledge you need to not only live a healthy life but to teach you the knowledge necessary to heal yourself from almost any injury or illness faster.

                I am confident in my ability to pass on what I know to you because the I have utilized the techniques and knowledge I have all my life and the last time I got sick was over a decade ago. I can honestly say I am what Gene Stone would call, ‘One of the people who never gets sick.’

Ready to transform your life and dive deeper into your intuitive abilities. Check out my mentorship and mastermind below.

Breaking Chains & Finding Purpose

One on One Mentorship

After I became a certified intuitive I remember spending a lot of time thinking about the next steps. 


I knew that the language I had learned, the skills, they were only the beginning. I knew that it was important for me to keep going. 


I spent the next year, searching. I booked courses, conferences, and masterminds and while each provided me with amazing results, I always found myself in a place where I felt like there wasn't enough time for me and my questions in the group sessions and when I was able to have one on one time I always felt rushed.


It also felt like it didn't matter how much time I spent in session with my coaches and teachers, it still didn't feel like enough. 


I wanted hours to pick my teachers brain about topics that spanned the universe. I wanted to practice my skills in real time and gain feedback. I wanted to be pushed to dig deeper and ask the better questions. 


I wish I could tell you that I was able to find that, but I didn't. So I created it. 


Breaking Chains & Finding Purpose is the place where I do all the things I wish I had had access to on my journey of being an intuitive. 


In this mentorship you will get,

Weekly meetings with me where I teach you a new skill and help you process aspects of your life through intuitive methods that are going to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

If you are ready for a one on one intensive that is going to blow your freaking socks and crown chakra off, this is the program for you!

Click the link to learn more and snag one of the most coveted mentorship spots in energy medicine today!

Image by Brett Jordan

The Realization Mastermind

Find Out Who You Really Are

Intuitive Coaching Leading You to WHO You Really Are

Why are you here?

What is your mission?

What codes are waiting to be activated inside your cells?

How are you meant to transform?

     Here we will dive deep into your chakras, your enneagram, human design, numerology, and astrology to figure out all of who you are.

    This isn't so that you can find your soul mate or so that you can be better at your job, although it is certainly a bonus.

    No this is so that you can make REAL change in your external world by making cosmic transformations in your internal one.

     This is deep soul work that will require bravery and trust in yourself because we are going to be doing all the work.

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