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Becoming Your Own Healer

Breath of Life is all about healing and I live by the idea that while I can help to heal you, the biggest help I can give you is to teach you how to do it yourself. I am a registered nurse and I hold a bachelor’s in both nursing and neuroscience and now a full-time intuitive I am uniquely placed to provide you with ALL the knowledge you need to not only live a healthy life but to teach you the knowledge necessary to heal yourself from almost any injury or illness faster.

                I am confident in my ability to pass on what I know to you because the I have utilized the techniques and knowledge I have all my life and the last time I got sick was over a decade ago. I can honestly say I am what Gene Stone would call, ‘One of the people who never gets sick.’


Ready to transform your life and dive deeper into your intuitive abilities. Check out my mentorship below.


Breaking Chains & Finding Purpose

One on One Mentorship

Do you have a deep desire to transform your life and finally experience what it is to wake up happy, refreshed, and ready for anything? 

Do you want to finally have the job you have always dreamed of, the deep soul connection with a partner who compliments you fully, or be able to move to your dream local? 

If there is one thing that being an intuitive and working on myself has taught me it is that I can have it all. I can have the money, the relationships, the career, the life that I have always dreamed of and I can continually strive for more. Nothing is out of my reach, nothing is too much.

I can teach you the skills you need to get to this place. Together we will find the places within that are holding you back and we will recode them. While we do, we will strengthen your innate intuitive abilities and help you move out of your own way, harness the divine abilities Source has given you and we will watch you transform.