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Power of the Mind: Belief

I am an intuitive healer, medicine woman, shaman and nurse. I have, in this life and many others, healed people through herbs, tonics, tinctures, and pills. I have performed rituals and surgeries all to help a person heal. It's a powerful ability but it isn't my most powerful ability.

That position is held by something I can't measure in any quantitative way; my belief.

I am a great healer, not because of my skill, although that and my constant striving to learn more is admirable. In reality, the thing that makes me a great healer, a natural healer is my belief. My belief that I can, in no uncertain terms heal myself and therefore others. It's a belief that I have possessed since I was a child and while I didn't know it then is the first level of healing we do for ourselves.

Now you may be asking how does belief heal anything. Well, the power of the mind is beyond belief, and yet belief is the most powerful tool it possesses. Without belief, humans, and any species really, would be incapable of doing anything. Take the bumblebee for example. By the laws of physics, it shouldn't be able to fly. It does so because it believes that it can. Monarch butterflies returning home to Mexico from Canada fly the entire way in one generation. Seems normal until you learn that it takes 3 or 4 generations of Monarchs to fly from Mexico to Canada. Why? I believe the returning Monarchs believe they can make it and so they do. Zoologists may be able to speak to the genetics of these creatures and find scientific ways of explaining why these creatures can do what they do against what nature says should be possible but I would hazard that if all the science was stripped away, the simple thought would remain, they simply believed that they could.

And humans? Humans are just as amazing with the power of their minds and the belief that flows out of it. Mothers have been known to lift cars off of children, men have been known to carry men twice their size out of war zones on foot for miles. They can run ultramarathons, swim channels, sail around the world, and go into outer space, all because at one point, all they had was the belief that they could.

And this power does extend to healing. In medical science, we call them miracles because science can't explain how a certain thing has occurred. People healing broken spines through meditation, people surviving catastrophic physical trauma, healing from cancer with no chemo or radiation. When you really start to look at what simple belief can do, you will start to wonder why we don't do it more often.

This is why the first thing I teach is that for anyone to heal, they have to believe that they can heal. You have to believe it with everything that you are and then some. What some intuitives and spiritual teachers will add is that you can't waiver, but I don't hold to that belief. Personally, my own belief in what I am and can do waivers from time to time, more often than I'd like to be honest. Even though I have healed myself, family, friends and strangers of illness. My skills and knowledge have been tested and proven right many times over but that doesn't stop me from at times looking at myself in the mirror wondering, "Is this time, this one time the time I don't have what it takes and what does it mean if I don't."

Belief for some spiritual teachers has to be absolute but for me it has to be a practice. When we lose our belief in ourselves or others, I don't see it as a deficiency but as an opportunity to rediscover what we are capable of. This takes courage and strength and time in many cases. However, no matter if you have unshakable belief or belief that you have to fight to keep one thing remains the same; without it, nothing is possible.

So what can we do to help ourselves believe?

  1. Write - Writing affirmations that speak to your courage, fortitude, and ambition. Write it in third person or story form so your ego has a harder time being triggered.

  2. Speak - Speaking mantras during an easy time of day and speaking them out loud gives honesty, authenticity, and power to our beliefs. Words are spells so when said with intention, are incredibly powerful.

  3. Meditate - Meditation quiets the mind. It allows your ego to rest and it allows our true selves to be made manifest not only within ourselves but without as well.

This list is by no means exhaustive and one could make the argument for or against these methods being ways to believe. What I do want to make clear is that while I believe that belief is all you need in order to heal, there are times when the belief of our souls is stronger than that of our physical bodies. For example, those that die from cancer, have an autoimmune disease or physical disability. To those living with these and other out of our control situations, I ask them to look at what their soul is here for. What is their purpose? Through hundreds of readings the one consistency is that healing the body and healing the spirit are two different things and only one is necessary.

We humans have the knowledge of the universe within us but we disregard it by not asking questions of ourselves. Questions like, "Does my body really need that surgery, medication, or diet?" Questions like, "What will it mean to me, my energy and my body if I don't take a break and rest?" and "What is sacrificed if I choose to not move, breath, eat well?" "What happens if I don't or can't believe that I am getting or am better?"

Our bodies are miraculous things. Inventions of a divine mind and within us an equally divine soul. We are the creators of our universe and our reality. When I was in college I studied philosophy and my favorite philosopher was Rene Descartes. I always loved his seminal work, the phrase, "Cogito Ergo Sum", "I think, therefore I am." Now, I think it is more accurate to say, "Ego Credo Ergo Sum," "I believe, therefore I am."


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