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Hi! Come on in, let me tell you a little bit about us.

My name is Abigail, and I am so happy that you are here. I have always been a healer. I was the kid that was the mother hen, and it was a natural role for me as I am the eldest of four and the only sister to three brothers. If you asked them, they would probably tell you that I struggled with understanding that I was their sister, not their mom a lot growing up.

I also was constantly hungry for knowledge and knew very early that I wanted to go into medicine. I wanted to open my own hospital and I wanted to teach, and I wanted to help people. One of my life goals was to become Dr. Mikala Quinn and to this day I strive to be her in many ways. My thirst for knowledge got me through school and the first in my family to go to college where I double majored and double minored and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, I then went to nursing school, received my RN, and then continued and received my bachelor’s in Nursing as well. 

I worked in the ER of a small critical access hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic and realized that it was starting to be impossible for me to be the healer that I was meant to be. The medical system was, and remains to this day, broken, caring more about keeping people sick than healing them. So, I decided to follow my intuition and I moved into intuitive work full time. Breath of Life truly began living. 

I’m sure you are wondering about my “intuitive side” as it were. Well, I always knew I was different. I was that kid that had imaginary friends, knew things were going to happen before they happened, and just knew things I shouldn’t know and couldn’t tell you how I knew them. My mom, of course, was worried about me, as she saw that it took a toll on me not making or keeping friends easily and she advised me to shut down whatever gifts I had (we didn’t have words for it back then). It didn’t take me long to decide that I wasn’t going to do that. My life wasn’t easy because of this decision and like many empaths and intuitives, as I got older, handling other people’s energy was difficult for me. 

I made it through college and began working as a nurse and found myself in a very abusive environment. It rocked me to the core, and I found that all my coping mechanisms stopped working. This was the start of my dark night of the soul. During it, I found my spiritual mentor and she helped me understand how to harness my abilities, protect myself from the energy around me, and how to read and heal energy. Finally, I understood what and why I was the way I was. My world finally made sense.

I was even more overjoyed when as I was explaining what I was learning to my mom, she started talking about her childhood. She had been a lot like me growing up but found it easier to shut off her gifts to survive. Now that I was aware of the truth, I started teaching her and she has joined me in developing Breath of Life into the amazing healing business it is today.

So here we are, my friends. I and Breath of Life are here for your ascension and healing, so let’s get started.

Abigal White - Breath of Life LLC

Abigail White - Master Healer and Teacher

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