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What is the Real Problem with Your Health?

We all want to be healthy right?

It's something that we secretly strive for or tell ourselves that we are.

When we are healthy, we are happier, kinder, slower to anger and judgement, we are capable of making more money and we are able to travel with more ease.

And, yet, for most people, health is illusive. Why is that? I have lots of feelings about this, so let's get into some of them.

1) Their minds aren't right.

What you think is what will be. Read more about this here.

2) They are only dealing with one aspect of illness.

You have to deal with both, the energetic and physical aspects of illness.

3) You need to make sure that you are addressing the real issue

Is it structural or situational?

Energetic vs Physical

We touch a door knob and then lick our fingers and we get sick because there was a germ on the door knob. Or someone sneezes or coughs in our face, kisses us or shakes our hand and they pass germs or viruses to us.

Truth be told we come in contact with hundreds of thousands of bacteria and viruses a day. Some of those germs are illness causing and others aren't, but the fact of the matter is that it only takes a handful of germs to be introduced into our bodies to cause illness.

Now, biology/God/Source/Universe is clever. It made the immune system. A highly advanced system in our body that is present all over our body that is designed to recognize, fight off, and get rid of disease-causing germs all the time whether we are sleeping or awake. It literally never sleeps. And yet there is illness. The question is why.

I have two answers.

  1. Our immune system gets overwhelmed, and it can't fight off what we have come in contact with. - This is the physical aspect of illness.

  2. We become a frequency match for illness. - This is the energetic aspect of illness.

The physical aspect of illness is the easiest to deal with. This is us doing all the "right" things for our body. We eat well, drink water, avoid alcohol and drugs, move our bodies, get restful sleep, and eliminate stress so that our immune system can get or stay healthy allowing it to fight off anything that it comes in contact with.

The crux of the matter is that many people do all these things and do them very well and they still get sick. This is because they don't deal with the energetic aspect of illness.

The energetic aspect is harder to deal with because humans, while hard wired to have and feel emotions, also seem hard wired via society, to ignore or push them away.

The simple truth is that we are energetic beings. We emit a frequency that science calls our bioelectromagnetic field and energy workers call our aura.

This frequency will shift based on how we feel. The more content or happier we feel the higher we vibe. The higher we vibe the harder it is to get sick (there is a caveat that we will discuss shortly).

When our frequency drops and matches the frequency of the germs around us, we start attracting illnesses. If we stay at that frequency too long, we get sick.

Symbiotic Relationship

Our energetic system and our physical one is in fact operating together. So, if we drop energetically, then our immune system feels the shift and is affected by it, causing it to have to work harder to keep us healthy. Sometimes it can succeed, more often than not, it can't. When our immune system drops and becomes weak, our energy feels the strain. If we can keep our energy high, stay optimistic and keep our emotions in check, listening to what our body is telling us, it is possible to stay healthy, but there are also times when that doesn't work and we get sick.

Let me give you some examples...

We go on vacation, finish a big project at work or school, end a relationship or friendship. While we were on vacation, getting the project ready, or in the toxic relationship, we were completely healthy...or so it seemed. But then, as soon as the project, relationship, or vacation ends we pretty immediately get sick.

During the ordeal, our energy is up. We are excited about being on vacation, one we have desperately needed. We are excited to have this project be over because it is a huge part of our raise or grade. We are deep in our righteousness because we know that this relationship really needs to end!

And as soon as it is over, our energy crashes. We get sad that the vacation is ending, or the adrenaline that was coursing through our veins while we sorted out the project or our lives is no longer there. As our frequency drops, we become a frequency match for the multitude of germs around us. As our frequency drops, our immune system tries to pick up the slack, but it too has been pounded by the travel and the lack of sleep and the stress and voila, the doors open to you being sick.

Now some will say, "Abigail! You're a scientist. You know that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of germs that we come in contact with daily. It really isn't that big of a leap to say that a person would get sick after situations like that."

To them I say, "You're right, I am a scientist and because of that I understand how statistics and biology work. And if energy and our physical don't work together and it is solely based on our physiology, then why is it that people who eat well, exercise, use preventative medicine, cover their coughs and sneezes, wash their hands, get restful sleep, and actually really do lead very healthy lives STILL get sick? Because logic and science say that that shouldn't happen and yet it does."

But That Isn't All...

I know, I know, but I told you this was a long one... didn't I tell you that? It's also why I teach a course on this stuff (just sayin').

When it comes to illness and us asking the question about why we are sick, we also have to understand if something is structural or situational (point three on my list of why people get sick). Let's break down what each means.

Structural means that there is something in our body that doesn't work correctly because it can't. There is a genetic mutation, a missing piece or a turned off gene.

Structural means that there is something in our body that doesn't work correctly because it can't. There is a genetic mutation, a missing piece or a turned off gene.

An example would be diabetes type 1 where you are insulin dependent. People with this disease have to give themselves insulin because their pancreas can't make it. Read that again, it's not that it won't make it, like it's a high-strung teenager of any gender, it CAN'T make the insulin. And our bodies need insulin to appropriately use sugar that we eat.

Situational means that something we are experiencing either that someone is/has done to us or something we are doing to ourselves is causing our bodies to temporarily stop functioning well.

An example of this would be feelings of anxiety around sex for someone who has experienced sexual trauma. Modern medicine may just label the person with anxiety, maybe even generalized anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder and call it good, but I firmly believe that these diagnoses are not accurate if we don't take into account the fact that a situation caused the feeling.

See logic dictates that if you have a structural illness then there is no amount of therapy that is going to make you better. If situational, then the cure, yep the cure, is to deal with the situation that is or has caused the illness. Go to therapy, work with a coach, change your lifestyle, make a choice to learn more about who you are and the issue you are having will disappear.


So, you see, it is important to understand a variety of aspects when looking at your health. Knowing if you are depressed because of trauma or because your brain can't produce the right amount of chemicals would change the world in a heartbeat if we actually talked about the issues instead of just throwing drugs at the people.

Diabetes and heart disease would have much lower incident rates if we dealt with the situation that is our society instead of acting like everyone just has broken bodies.

Once you truly understand what it is that is keeping you from the best health of your life, you will finally be able to find the healing that you need and the life that you want.


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