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Symptoms...What Are They Saying?

As a nurse and a medical intuitive healer, I hear it ALL the time, "I got sick because it's my body telling me to rest."

In the hospital I gently say, "Sir/Ma'am, I respectfully disagree."

Here on this my own blog I am going to let alllll of me show and say, "Absolutely the hell it is not!!!"

Symptoms are not how your body communicates. It communicates via energy or emotions (energy in motion). Symptoms are one thing and one thing only, your body reacting to something going on outside your body or inside of it. A reaction, nothing more.

This is hard to understand, I know. So many of you have been stuck in the same hamster wheel that tells you that when you are sick it is your body telling you something but that is 100% not the case.

Your energy and emotions are what do the talking and paying attention and learning that language, what it is saying, takes dedication and immersion just like learning any other language. What I will say though is that learning this language is vital and it is one language that so many ignore learning.

So how does one learn the language of their body?

Start with your emotions. If you only know the emotions anger, sad, and happy or think that the only emotions one has are the ones from the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out, I encourage you to get Brene Brown's book Atlas of the Heart. In this book you will learn a fuller understanding of the spectrum of human emotions. Those emotions are how your body communicates and tells you when you need to rest, relax, hydrate, listen, observe, and go inside.

Next, learn what each emotion means for you. What does it mean when you feel anger or sadness? Is it your body saying that you are hurt or in pain? If you ignore anger or sadness long enough you will start to feel physical pain somewhere in your body.

If you ignore disgust or contempt, you start to have stomach or digestive issues.

When we feel happy or joyous, our body buzzes with energy or feels light. We are energized and feel motivated or are able to be productive in ways that other emotions don't allow us.

The more we become fluent in the language of energy, the more we can stay ahead of ourselves, the more we can elevate ourselves by removing ourselves from people or situations that are not good for us and therefore for our body. Which is the next step. Once you know what it is that your body is saying, it is imperative that you listen. This what most will not do.

And the body doesn't like excuses. Doesn't matter if you say you don't have time, doesn't matter if you think it's not that bad, none of it. Your body will follow your energy every time and in the end you will be left lying in bed wondering what you could have done to stop yourself from getting sick.

So long story short, symptoms are not your bodies way of speaking to you, your emotions or energy is. If you want to be the healthiest version you can and want to be, without having to worry about contracting the most recent sickness going around, start to understand what your body is saying to you and don't ignore it. You won't regret it.

And if you need help, check out my medical intuitive reading or my signature course Mind Over Matter: Becoming Your Own Healer where I teach you not just how your body communicates but how to heal it if we don't fully understand it.


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