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What does Holistic mean?

Hello Friends,

In this month of April I am promoting my course Mind Over Matter: Becoming Your Own Healer and every week I will be teaching you a new tip or trick about the healing process both physically and energetically.

As you may know already, I am a registered nurse, whose background is in the emergency and medical/surgical field. I spent a lot of time learning how to be a nurse and hone my skills, and I got even better at being a nurse as I have honed my intuitive skills.

I have recently stepped away from bedside nursing because it was made very clear to me that I couldn't be the true healer that I am meant to be, by continuing to work in the broken system that is the medical industry. I made the decision to move into intuitive work full time and finally teach all of you what should be taught in hospitals and clinics the world over. And the first lesson is, 'How to live Holistically.'

But first you have to know what does holistic mean. Well, first lets talk about what it isn't. It's not replacing Acetaminaphen with willow bark tea, and it isn't never going to the hospital for check ups or when you have an injury. Disparaging modern medicine is NOT, let me repeat is NOT, being holistic. Holistic doesn't mean being only "all natural". Holistic means, finding balance and wholeness.

And how one does that is highly individualized. For some people it means, foregoing modern medications, not because they don't believe in using a pain reliever but because the binders that are used to hold the medication together doesn't sit well with their body so they use teas, essential oils, meditation or massage to control pain. For others, using Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen is fine and it helps them get to a place where they can use other methods of pain relief later.

The point ladies and gentlemen, is that to live holistically means to listen to your body. Use ALL medicines, whether they are medications, exercise, acupuncture, or laughter, as the bridge they are. Don't see modern medicine as evil just because you don't feel it is what you need right now for this one thing. Remember that is is just as much of a gift as the lavender that you rub on your temples to calm you or the rosemary you put in your food.

Remember that they all serve the purpose of getting you a place where you are able to implement more balance in your life. And that is what is important; balance.


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