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Relationship between Energy & Illness...

We've all been here right? Sick in bed, stuffy and congested sinuses, coughing, upset stomach, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, just feeling blah! As a nurse for the past 9 years, I've seen it all from the scary to the not so scary, and just plain irritating.

Health, healing and illness have been a constant thing in my life for so long that when I occasionally do get sick, I don't really think about it. I have developed over time steadfast tools and knowledge that get me better in hours to just a few days. It's miraculous actually, and when I realized that I did have this incredible formula down I created a course around it Mind Over Matter I: Becoming Your Own Healer

What I also found as I was developing this formula and creating this signature course, was that most of what I was teaching and discovering was thought by most to be secret and sacred knowledge. Now, I'm going to be honest... while it is sacred because health is sacred, it is not really secret, people just like to think that it is.

Something else I won't lie about is that just as much information that I have gathered has come from my education as it has from my ability to download reasons for illness and where to find root causes and my ability to read energy of individuals, places and things. And in using both to their absolute best, I have been able to create a space and course that is chalk full of powerful information about the body, our energy and the relationship between them and I'm just really f&cking tired of people being in the dark about it all and feeling like they are not in control. So, here is a guide that is designed to take you through the fastest path towards healing.

First, Science

Frequency Matters

The body is a bio-electro-magnetic organism and in that certainty, we admit a frequency. That frequency raises and lowers depending on the environment that we are in, the people that we interact with, and the things that we put into or on our body in subtle ways, but it does change, and that change is just one reason for why we become ill.

1. We can become a frequency match for illness

When our vibration lowers and matches that of infectious organisms, we then become a hospitable environment for those organisms, and they are able to colonize inside or on us. The change in our frequency also means that not only are we a good environment for something that isn't good for us to thrive, but it also means that our immune system isn't operating at its top performance vibration and therefore will, at least for a time, struggle to fight off the infectious organisms.

Emotions are a form of Communication

Most people do not understand that emotions are how our bodies (yes, I do mean bodies and I will explain this in just a few) communicate with each other. To many people, emotions are just inconvenient impulses that occur in relation to the people we are around or the things that we are doing. Not even in the world of psychology, where talk therapy is supposed to delve deeply into how we feel about what has happened in our lives, are emotions properly understood.

2. Emotions are the bodies way of telling us that something is happening AND what we need to do

Emotions first tell us whether something is good or bad, the feeling of joy that we get being at a family event or the feeling of dread we feel walking down a dark alley at night or the feeling of sadness we have when a beloved pet dies for example. But what most people do not know that that isn't the only useful bit of information that emotions provide. Emotions will also tell you what you need to do to move through the emotion or stay in the emotion.

Anger demands to be felt - it has to be expressed in order for the energy of the emotion to mutate and become something better.

Sadness demands connection - reaching out to a trusted community or individual who will show empathy and compassion is how sadness and other lower vibrational emotions such as shame and guilt and depression get released from the body.

Awe demands to be shared through teaching - when we experience awe about something, we have a physical desire to share the knowledge that we have. When we do, the awe is able to expand into such emotions like authenticity and happiness and when we don't, we can quickly become jaded, bereft, and forlorn.

When we FEEL an emotion, it is important to DO something in response. When we don't, the energy of that emotion gets stuck in our body and as the saying goes, the issues are in the tissues. Poison in the body, is poison in the body no matter what form it takes and it will have the same outcome every time, we get sick.

Second, Metaphysics

Choice and Contracts

Now that we understand the two biggest aspects of our body when it comes to illness, we have to talk about somethings that science just hasn't caught up to yet. And that is the fact that while we have choice in this life, sometimes those choices are made by our consciousness, soul/spirit if you will, before we choose the body and life that we currently inhabit.

Let's make a hypothesis that for now we will all accept as truth; the soul's mission is to go back to unity aka oneness with Source of all the is.

Now with that statement firmly accepted, we have to ask ourselves how we get there, how do we reach unity? One way would be to go through lessons, some of them hard, to understand the totality of experience, manifestation, choice, fate, and in fact ONENESS. Some of those lessons would have to be preplanned, choosing to have a specific set of parents because it would allow you to make certain choices that would bring you to certain levels of knowledge, or not. Choosing a particular place and time in which to be born in order to experience, or not, certain people, beliefs, traumas.

Or choosing to have a particular illness because it is the only way that a particular lesson, perhaps one that your soul has been trying to learn for many lifetimes, can finally be learned and integrated. It's a hard thing to believe maybe for some but from my experience reading peoples energy and looking at their soul contracts, and energetic agreement made each lifetime that the soul sets for themselves in an effort to advance themselves one or multiple steps closer to Source, it is undeniable to me that for many illness of a chronic nature happen because the soul chose to have it be a part of their life either from the get go or as something that would be experienced if it looked like they were not going to learn the lesson they needed to learn. In that event, fail safes are placed and when those fail safes are triggered, the body becomes an energetic match for the particular illness.

3. YOU as the soul made the choice and this means that you have the power to change it. The power to heal and to gain one's optimal level of health

Inside Out or Outside In Pathways to Health

Either Choice is Difficult

When I teach Mind Over Matter I: Becoming Your Own Healer I am rather up front with my students. I tell them that I can only take them part of the way, that I am here to show them the tools, help them perfect skills, and give them decades perhaps thousands of thousands of years of knowledge about energy and the human body so that they may find their way to the level of health and healing that they want. I also tell them that I am not going to be the one that heals them.

And to be brutally honest, no healer does. What healers do is hold a vibration, a thought of health. We create and hold that space around you and help you find that frequency inside yourself. Doctors and other medical professionals do the same thing, surgeons go in and cut away or sew up what is torn giving the body a standard to stive towards (a frequency to match). The body, the patient, then decides if that ideal that is being shown to it is something they want to emulate, a body free of cysts or cancer, a body with a functional leg after a bone breaks. In the end, the healer is simply there to show you what is possible for you, but you are the one that does the biggest work.

So, because it is up to you, it is important to know the paths you can take to get to health. After hundreds of readings and doing my own healing as well, it has become clear that it can happen in two ways and both have their up sides and down, let's talk about them.

Outside In - Modern Medicine leads to Metaphysical Medicine

Here is where 99% of people begin simply because they don't know any different. Something happens to a person, they feel an emotion, but they don't know what to do about the emotion, they can't even name the emotion, so they ignore it and the situation that caused it. The emotion gets stuck and eventually causes illness/disease/dysfunction in the body. The person becomes concerned and goes to see a doctor. The doctor prescribes some medications. The person takes them and notices some improvement maybe even gets well for a time. Then the illness comes back. Or the illness and the medications cause further issues in the body. So, the person goes back to the doctor. The doctor prescribes more medications or gives referrals to specialists. Tests are done and more medications are given. At some point, some doctor gives you the death blow and gives you a diagnosis that is considered chronic or terminal. They tell you that you will just have to learn to manage and that you will have to be okay with always feeling a certain way for the rest of your life and always having to stay on medications. The person is depressed and spends some months or years just existing, never thriving and certainly not getting better. Their life starts to become toxic not just because of the condition they are in but the lack of life they allow themselves. And then maybe one day they speak with a friend, read and article, see a commercial on the TV or a reel on Instagram about being able to heal, a cream or lotion that is made from holistic and natural products, a practitioner that is all about bring what has been lost back to you. The person, for whatever reason, boredom, one final grasp of hope, an ultimatum from a lover, takes the life raft and starts a journey back to nature. Diet and movement practices change. Gut health is restored. Medications slowly stop being needed. The physical changes lead to further conversations. Maybe one starts going to therapy, reading self-help books, or going to intuitives or psychics. Traumas and wounds, shadow work are introduced, possible microdosing or other plant medicines. A reconnection with one's faith in something bigger and a reconnection with one's emotions. This is where the real jumps happen for people and symptoms lessen, medications stop and not only do you see your health improve, but other aspects of your life also get better too, relationships, career, and wealth.

This outside/in method will cost you time, trust in the medical field, and money. Eventually you will reach health however initially you may end up having to spend a lot of time undoing the emotional and physical damage that was caused over time.

Inside Out - Emotions Lead the Way

A very small portion of the population will ever start out this way. 1% or fewer to be exact. This is because in order to do this, one of a very few situations need to take place in order for you to end up in this pathway. Those situations are either you never got sick as a kid and your parents didn't believe in fixing something that wasn't broken or causing you harm or your parents grew up believing in natural ways of healing using herbs and other aspects of the land they lived on, or you or your parents remembered the truth that energy is something that is more than electricity and it has the power to heal when used in conjunction with modern and natural medicines.

The inside/out path begins with emotions. Recognizing and naming them and knowing what those emotions are communicating to you. This not only tells you what is happening, but it also tells you what to do about it. When you acknowledge your emotions, you can stop most illness before it even begins. Next once the emotions are labeled and the actions taken, it is important to make sure that both the body and the energy is being addressed. When we are healing many of our daily practices take a back seat and usually illness is one way for our body to express that there is something about the practice that is no longer working for you anymore and it is time to lay it aside for a while or change it completely. Daily practices should include morning rituals or evening rituals, movement practices, meditations, breathwork, good dietary choices, restful sleep, and stress reduction practices. It's also understanding that our experiences in this life and others may be having an effect on us in addition to our soul contract. When we honor our emotions and then move into the body, seeking out professional help when we have dived deep and done the work on an energetic level, we actually save ourselves time and money and frustration because from this pathway we are able to advocate for ourselves better. In this pathway however, we are able to heal much faster and we are able to make the most use of all the medicines we have at our disposal as our physical body will follow our energetic one every single time.

The downside to the Inside/Out method is that we are required to handle how we feel, the wounds and traumas that we have experienced up front. This is hard for a lot of people. Most don't want to believe that past life wounds, self-betrayals, and traumatic current life issues could possibly have such an effect that it caused actual illness. They want to just ignore the most toxic parts of their lives and believe that if they never think about them again then they can't affect them. This is simply not the case.

Let's Sum It All Up

We All Love Simple

  • The relationship between energy and illness is that one's energy determines whether one is sick or not.

  • One can become a frequency match for an illness and they develop an acute illness that may last days, weeks, or months.

  • You can have a soul contract to develop an illness.

  • Regardless of which a person's emotions, a form of moving energy, will make an illness better or worse.

To heal, you have two options. You can start with the emotions, make sure that your daily practices are on lock, and you can use modern and natural medicines to supplement were you need it OR you can start off at the doctor's office and ignore the emotions until there is no other way forward but to deal with them. Both are hard and it is up to you to choose your hard.

It truly is empowering when you realize just how much choice you have in being sick. When my clients and students realize it, their whole world shifts. Yours can too.

If you are wanting to work with me in obtaining your optimal level of health, check out my 90 minute Medical Intuitive Sessions or jump into my ON DEMAND course called Mind Over Matter I: Becoming Your Own Healer. And open now are my private 3-6 month sessions (email me for details).


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