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Mind Over Matter

The brain. It's a, roughly, 3 pound mass of over 150 billion cells that conducts electricity at the speed of any where between .5 to 100 meters a second.

I actually tried to look up what that would be equivalent to, because believe it or not, not once during the four years I was studying neuroscience in college was I ever told that nifty piece of information. In miles per hour .5 to 100 meters per second is equivalent to 1 to 223 miles (top speed of a signal was 268 mph).

Let me tell you some other fun facts about the brain.

  1. We use 100% of our brain throughout the day. That's right, that "humans only use 10% of their brains." Bonk.

  2. The human brain only takes up 3-5% of the bodies weight but it uses 20% of the bodies resources (the brain only uses sugar and oxygen).

  3. The human brain isn't fully developed until 25.

  4. Our brains even after development create new pathways all the time giving us endless learning potential. That's also right, the "can't teach an old dog new tricks." Only applicable to dogs not humans.

There are so many other cool things about the brain and for as much as we know about it, there are endless things that we don't know. Such as, how do we have personality? What is more important nature (genetics) or nurture (how we are raised and society)? We have no idea how the brain perceives things the way it does and we have no idea why some brains are capable of comprehending things at speed while for others it takes more time.

But what we do know and what science is finally starting to quantify is that if we think it, it is so. Let me explain.

What we think on a conscious level but more so on an unconscious or subconscious level is what becomes our reality. Let's use the example of our health. People don't even realize what they are doing when they say things like, I have high blood pressure, I am a diabetic, I have depression, I am happy, I am sad, I am..., I have...

Any time that we think something about ourselves, we make it true, that's right even when we aren't aware of it and that is why becoming aware of 1. your mind, and 2. what it is saying, and 3. how to change those thoughts and therefore change your reality is SOOOOO important.

Now I am a teacher and guide around health and healing and that takes a lot of forms. Whether it is healing from a physical or mental illness or dis-ease, or it's an emotional healing that has to occur because of a trauma, big or small, I live for teaching people that healing doesn't have to be scary. In fact it can be a process of self discovery, a time to set boundaries to help improve relationships and self love, and it can be a time of learning and understanding love, conditional and unconditional and realizing which one serves you best.

We are in a time that is unique. If you speak to an astrologer they will say all the stars are aligning. If you talked to a human design expert they may say that all the gates of self are ripe for opening. And if you spoke to a healer, they will tell you that there is no better time to achieve the ultimate level of health and they would all be right.

There has never been a time like now. Why? Because you are here now. You may not be here for the next one. So jump in now and do the work and if you aren't sure what the work is, find the person or people who can teach you. Be willing to jump in and get your hands dirty. Be willing to face your fears and the darkness and be willing to find a love for yourself and your body that you never thought possible.

You, we, all of us can do hard things. All it takes is a little mind over matter.


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