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Healing Is Just Another Word For Expansion

That's right, healing and expansion are the same thing.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking, but let me state my case and then lets see where you stand.

When I began my healing journey I was of the opinion that I was broken and that I was working on myself, mind, body and soul, in an effort to fix myself.

If you knew me at that time, you may have been of the same opinion. I was alone and seeking attention from anyone I could get it from, including some very wrong people. I didn't have a great relationship with friends, who found me annoying and arrogant and too blunt for comfort. And I was working in a place that compounded all of that and my feelings of brokenness by being emotionally and verbally abusive to me for well over 6 months.

It was no surprise really, when I look back, that I felt broken and that something in me needed to be fixed. I was at my wits end and I was ready to end the whole thing all in an effort to finally find some peace. Luckily for me, the alternative was not acceptable so I found some help with one easy google search.

Gratitude is what I am most right now. Not because I had friends that cared and were looking out for me, not because I was loved by my family. None of those people even knew that there was anything wrong with me until I was so far gone that I was screaming for help. No, I have a massive amount of gratitude because I loved myself enough to want better for me. In my effort to find my healing, I found my expansion.

Through the next several years, I found my way to my magick and my psychic abilities. I found my way to me and I have continued to invest in myself as I have continued to find my place and people in this world.

So this brings me back to the healing is just another word for expansion. I found that if I looked at my healing in only one way, I looked at myself and my experiences in only one way. Now, when I find another area for me to heal, I see it as a new place for me to expand; a new place for me to become greater than I ever thought possible.

And now I have the extreme pleasure of being able to help others through their expansion too.

Pretty awesome right?!


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