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Mind Over Matter I: Becoming Your Own Healer ON DEMAND

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Do you struggle with understanding your body? What it needs and how to heal it? Are you a medical professional or a curious energetic knowledge seeker that wants to learn new advanced ways to heal? Are you looking to further your intuition and practice the skills of healing? This course is going to teach you all of this and more. Over eight modules, and six practical skills sessions, you will discover the language of your body, how to protect and run clean energy, how to read energetic and physical anatomy accurately, setting up and working within your healing space, and much more! This course is about giving you the tools you need to heal your body whether you struggle with chronic or terminal long term illnesses or if you are just wanting to understand how to get off of medications for acute illnesses or flare ups. It IS possible to attain the level of health that you have always dreamed of and it can start right now! Welcome to the Mystery School of Health! Schedule: Module 1 - History, Definitions, and Mindset and Beliefs, Skill #1 ~ Unearthing what Holds you Back Module 2 - Energic Anatomy, Energetic Hygiene and Skill #2~ 13 strand DNA Activation and Expansion Module 3 - Physical Anatomy pt 1 and Skill #3~ Feeling and Visualizing the body with Accuracy Module 4 - Physical Anatomy pt 2 Module 5 - Healing Space, Healing Team and Skill #4 ~ Healing with the Team Module 6 - Physical and Energetic Medicines and Tools Skill #5 ~ Drawing Higher Frequency from 39D Module 7 - Acute and Chronic Illnesses and Skill #6 ~ Akasha and Soul Contracts Module 8 - Claiming Balance Transformations can include: Getting off or reducing medications for both acute and chronic illnesses. Balancing hormones, gut health, immune system and mood. Reversing high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol levels, high BMI, and high blood pressure and pulse. Stabilizing and understanding chronic nervous system disorders such as epilepsy.



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