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Wax Melts

Wax Melts

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Want a simple way to experience aromatherapy without having to risk an open flame?


Breath of Life Wax Melts are the perfect solution. 


Using the same natural essential oils that we use in our bath products and candles, we us 100% soy wax to create our wax melts. 


Simple place one square or gem shaped wax melt onto your warmer* and enjoy the fragrance as the wax melts**.


Wax melts can be remelted as long as scent remains. When you feel that the scent is spent or you would like to melt another Breath of Life Wax Melt, simply remove the old wax and throw away.


Product is sold 12 in a pack only. You can choose 12 of one scent or you can choose an assortment***.


*Wax melters not included in this purchase.

**To help with clean up or to allow you to switch out scents easily place a cup cake liner in the warmer plate and set wax melt in the cup. Wax will melt and release it's essential oil for you to enjoy but will allow you to have easy clean up and a nice way to store without mess.

***For assorted packs please make sure to tell us which scents you want and how many of each to equal out to twelve melts in a pack.

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