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Soy Wax Candle: Signature Collection

Soy Wax Candle: Signature Collection

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100% Soy wax candles are all the rage today because of their ability to hold scent and lack of chemicals like parafin that pollute the home and a persons lungs. 


But what sets Breath of Life's soy wax candles apart is the healing aspect that I give each one. 


Healing can come in many forms and when it comes to our candles, it is either in color, scent, or both. 


In the case of this, our SIGNATURE COLLECTION, it is both. 


Each candle in this collection represents, helps to cleanse and balance and enhance your bodily chakras going from Root to Crown. Each label tells you just a few ways each candle can be used, though I encourage you reach out to me to ask any questions you have about how any particular candle can be used or to look up the chakras to better understand how else they can be used. 


Click through the images to read the labels on all the candles in this collection.



Soy wax, fragrance and essential oils, and powdered dye


Directions: Please read burning istructions on the bottom of each candle.


All Breath of Life candles utilize glass containers that can be washed and reused or recycled after candle has been spent.

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