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Soy Wax Candle: Love Collection

Soy Wax Candle: Love Collection

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100% Soy wax candles are all the rage today because of their ability to hold scent and lack of chemicals like parafin that pollute the home and a persons lungs. 


But what sets Breath of Life's soy wax candles apart is the healing aspect that I give each one. 


Healing can come in many forms and when it comes to our candles, it is either in color, scent, or both. 


In the case of this, our LOVE COLLECTION, it is primarily based on the scent but all the colors serve a purpose as well. 


Each candle in this collection has the same use on the label as it is for helping create a strong connection of love with self and with others. As for the colors, pink is for heart opening and helping with strengthing connection. Black is for grounding, safety and security in your love and emotions, white is for clarity and strong connection, and yellow is for confidence in ones self and in others.


As you will see, this collection tries to appeal to all genders on the spectrum not only with color but scent as well. Two scents emulate the divine masculine and two scents emulate the divine feminine though we strongly encourage you to try all of them in the collection and find your favorite no matter which element you are trying to strengthen or entice.


Click through the images to read the scents on all the candles in this collection.



Soy wax, essential oil


Directions: Please read burning istructions on the bottom of each candle.


All Breath of Life candles utilize glass containers that can be washed and reused or recycled after candle has been spent.

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