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Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel

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Medicine wheels have been used for millennia by the first nations and indigenous tribes around the world. Every culture has their version. Here at Breath of Life, a Minnesota based business, we honor the medicine and culture of the Ojibwe and Lakota nations. 

Using metal rings, braided thread, and wood, we have created a version that we believe honors the spirit and the medicine of these powerful and never forgotten nations. Each wheel is finished with stone adhered to the outside of it to represent the earth and be a reminder that some medicine wheels are simply rocks on outlined on the ground. All medicine wheels are made by hand, our energy protected so that the wheels arrive to you pure and ready for use and with the highest blessing from the ancestors, guides and ascended masters. 

We make these to be tools and not merely decoration, as we make all of our products here at Breath of Life. When you buy one you will receive, as with all of our products, a hand written note but this note will explain the history of this powerful medicine.

We pray that you use these tools with the honor they deserve and that they hold a special place in your home, on your alter, in your medicine bag or anywhere else you wish to have them.

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