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Mar 19, 2024 - Jun 4, 2024

Mind Over Matter III: Mastering the Quantum

  • 78Days
  • 6Steps


Are you looking for the NEXT LEVEL in the quantum and spiritual game? Have you been looking for the space that PUSHES you out of space and time? Are you looking for the path towards MASTERING the higher level skills of manifestation, wealth, abundance, and time? This course is for you. This course is a 12 week self paced course with a live component that will take you higher than you have ever been before (literally)! March 19th (Equinox) MODULE ONE: Source Code Chakras - What are they, what do they hold, and how do we access them April 2nd MODULE TWO: Angelic Realms & Celestial Realms - Meet the angels in their home realm and hear the stars sing April 16th MODULE THREE: Astral Travel Protections & Etheric Prison - Learn the process to protect against demonic entities April 30th MODULE FOUR: Alternate Dimensions - Journey to the Star Beings May 14th MODULE FIVE: Picking Your Quantum Timeline - Learn how to choose the highest level for you May 28th MODULE SIX: God-Self vs Higher self - Embracing the new Era In this course you will LEARN and MASTER: Protections that allow you to travel safely in the astral planes Skills of portal and gateway opening How to hold, infuse and activate higher level energy and THEN pull down knowledge without blowing your circuitry or fragmenting your soul How to communicate with higher dimensional beings on THEIR planes of existence (most of us communicate with them on ours). How to master timelines How to step into your God-Self and leave behind the excuses and the doubt of the 3D plane.



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