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Mind Over Matter II: Divine Blood, Breath, & Water

Sep 4, 2024 - Dec 15, 2024

  • 103Days
  • 113Steps


In this spectacularly epic and one of a kind journey up into the ancestral chakras of 14-26 and beyond, we are going to learn about the power of blood, breath and water. We will begin by unearthing the wisdom of our blood. Searching through our blood lines both physical and cosmic and digging out the wounds, blood links, and curses that hold us back. Accessing our divine feminine energy we are going to learn the ancient practices of Kundalini, and the sex magic of Horus and Isis becoming divine initiates of the practice of reclaiming the power within, becoming an initiate of the Water Priestesses. And we will harness the power of breath and embrace the truth of who we are and what our ancestors have told us, finding courage and strength in our path forward. Curriculum: Month One - The Power of the Blood Learn and investigate your blood type and what it means for your mission and purpose Blood linked/Family linked diseases and how to clear them The coding that blood holds and how to unlock and activate it. Past lives - Let's Journey! Month Two - The Power of the Water Teachings from a Water Priestess - The Priestess' of Philae Tap the Flow Submerge to Initiate Month Three - The Power of the Breath The Ancient Breath of Life - Learn what the Pharaoh's of Egypt, the people of Atlantis, Yeshua, Mary Magdalen, Mother Mary knew Unlocking your cells and energy with breath Life inside of the Breath Hold - Embracing Courage This is a 3-month class that meets bi-weekly for 90 minutes beginning first with lecture and ending with a meditation. You will receive 3 private sessions to go over anything that you want including material, healings, or to ask questions that you are curious about. Registration opens next in fall of 2024.



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