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Jan 31, 2024 - May 15, 2024

Mind Over Matter I: LIVE

  • 106Days
  • 34Steps


Want to enhance your healing abilities? Struggling to find the path towards healing? Level one of the Mystery School of Health is the perfect place to start. Here Abigail teaches you the language of your body - energy. How to hear it, listen to it, and understand it. She also teaches you how to heal through energetic means, teaching you the tools and skills she uses to keep herself disease and illness free. In addition, you will also learn the biology and physiology of your body, learning how to support your physical body in new and old ways. This course is for those that are looking to have their knowledge expanded, want real, practical ways to heal through energetic AND physical means. This course is not for the faint of heart and is for the self-starters that are curious about their intuitive and innate healing abilities and want to learn how to sharpen those skills. In 3 months you get of pre-recorded and live lectures, live practical skills tutorials, private 1:1 90 minute sessions, virtual community on Telegram to ask all your questions and make new connections, Breath of Life handmade healing tools valued at over $100 and so much more! Schedule: Module 1 - History, Definitions, and Mindset and Beliefs, Skill #1 ~ Unearthing what Holds you Back Module 2 - Energic Anatomy, Energetic Hygiene and Skill #2~ 13 strand DNA Activation and Expansion Module 3 - Physical Anatomy pt 1 and Skill #3~ Feeling and Visualizing the body with Accuracy Module 4 - Physical Anatomy pt 2 Module 5 - Healing Space, Healing Team and Skill #4 ~ Healing with the Team Module 6 - Physical and Energetic Medicines and Tools Skill #5 ~ Drawing Higher Frequency from 39D Module 7 - Acute and Chronic Illnesses and Skill #6 ~ Akasha and Soul Contracts Module 8 - Claiming Balance Check out the various payment options and if you have any questions send us an email!



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