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Activation and Meditation Series

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Taking the fundamentals and pushing them up to the line of what is known is my specialty and I am proud to bring you this activation and meditation series that is a living series in the best way possible. Here you will find the fundamentals that I think a person on their healing journey or just starting out MUST know but I don't just stop there. Each workshop is a combination educational video and meditation. First, I give you much needed education about the topic and then we go into deep active quantum meditation to recode old narratives, activate and integrate DNA, and precisely change that which is holding you back into the very thing that propels you forward into the next greatest version of you. How does this help you? 1. Improves your health at the cellular and genetic levels 2. Creates more abundance in your life. 3. Enhances self-awareness leading to more fulfilling relationships and so much more. This series is also special because as I said, it is a living series. The ones here are not the only ones that will exist. When I am feeling called, you will see additions, some taught live, others not but all available right here and each added one will be free to any that have already bought into the series. So, jump in and let's take the journey of advancement to the next level!



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