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Universal Protections

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Are you the person that is so sensitive, so connected to the energy of others, both seen and unseen that you wonder what belongs to you versus others? Do you struggle with your health, both physical and mental? Do you feel tired, drained, like you are leaking your very essence out into the world? You aren't alone. So many of my clients struggle with this and they all see massive improvements once they develop or start an energetic protection routine. These routines allow for your energy to stay your own and for you to not pick up on other peoples energy to such a degree that it affects your emotions and physical health. In this workshop I will teach you about the ways that I protect myself and my space from all types of dense and negative energies. Here you will receive -Definitions -Step by step instructions on how to set up your protections -Scripts to say -Tools to use -Quiz to check your understanding of concepts All of this in a 87 minute lecture that you receive on demand and have life time access to.


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