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How Far Is Too Far

Today, it's insane gas prices, the Supreme Court shattering female's rights to their own health and bodies, but what will it be tomorrow.

Today I saw a post on Instagram saying that if Roe v. Wade is being reconsidered then what else will they reconsider. I stopped in my tracks, while at the grocery store I might add, and I thought that one through.

If a woman's right to her body can be reconsidered, then so can gay rights, so can interracial marriage, and so can interracial children, hell lets go so far as to say slavery can be reconsidered.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking, that is just going way to damn far, but seriously, if this is okay then where is the line? Who says where the line is when my rights as a possible bearing being can be stripped from me so easily? Will we see a version of the world where my very existence as a half white/half black human and the lives of my siblings are considered a crime?

I know bullshit right. Well, here's what I say to that...F*CK THAT! I am not here for this. This is not the vibration that I hold. This week, the generation of my parents tried to bring us back to a time where we are living in fear, lack, and scarcity but I refuse to live there. I will not live in a nation much less a world where I have to be party to that sort of frequency and let me tell you, YOU DON'T HAVE TO EITHER. Say no to that nonsense and realize that you have all the power to make this world better for everyone, EVERYONE in it.

We get to decide if we are going to let the media dictate to us how we should feel and what we should be party to. We get to decide if we are going to live in fear or abundance and faith. We get to choose to see the common humanity that is here for us.

Let me be very clear, new Earth is here. I have plugged in and have begun creating the reality that only I can have and it is available to you too. Anyone wants to tell you different you need to thank them politely for their unwanted opinion and walk away. You are the master of your light and you decide just what kind of a life you want to live.

How do you do this? First you need to get really quiet. In the silence you will find all your fears. Meet them, say hi. Then tell them goodbye. You don't need them any more and you don't want them. Then you rewrite them (this is the step people miss). You have to replace those fears, limiting beliefs and negative energy with something better otherwise you will leave a hole for the same crap to come back to. Then you start creating. The astral planes and multiverse are at your disposal. Use that space to feel into what feels good to you and your body. Practice it so that you can feel it in your waking world.

Lastly, remember that what you surround yourself with is contagious. If you try to elevate yourself but stick around the same low vibing people that you know, then they will suck you right back down. Now does this mean that you have to burn bridges? No, but it does mean that boundaries are essential.

I know, it's a lot of work but I'm telling you that you will never regret doing it when you look around you and you realize that while everyone else is drowning you are sunning yourself on the biggest and bestest floatation devices.

If you are ready to move into a higher state of consciousness, a more elevated frequency and vibration and you are looking for help to show you the way and help you get in touch with or strengthen the divine intuitive abilities that our Creator/Source has given to us, head to my 1:1 mentorship program Breaking Chains and Finding Purpose.

All you need is available. I promise.


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