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Journey Through the Chakras

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Come take a journey with me through the chakras! Many believe that there are only 7, others think 39, some think 144. I believe tend to believe that there are more than less and if I'm honest, that we probably have infinite portals of knowledge to be able to experience that we can call the chakras. In this workshop, I will teach you and help you experience the first 39 chakras; taking you through the 3 layers of 13 that have attached themselves to Earth's grid. We will talk about what they are, what they can help with and the physical and energetic aspects of each set. This workshop then will end with a Cosmic Shamanic Journey that will take you all the way down to the core of the Earth all the way up to 39D. You will get to experience the shifts in feeling of each, harmonize with the elements and receive messages as you travel. I highly encourage you to find a place that you wont be disturbed and have a good drink, pencil and paper handy and enjoy.




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